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Rookie Blue Renewed For Another Season

  • Teaser Paragraph:

    The summer police drama will return for Season 4 in the US and Canada.

ABC and Canada's Global Television have renewed drama Rookie Blue for a fourth season. The cop series has gained a loyal following during its summer airings since debuting in June 2010. Like last season's pickup, the news comes just a few episodes into the show's current season.

Although the number of episodes is not known at this time, expect Season 4 of Rookie Blue to be its typical 13, which has been the standard for all three seasons so far. A Summer 2013 return is also expected.

(Source: TV Guide)

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It seems that this show implies that everyone on the show is involved with another cop.... guess we breed extra horny police in Toronto :)

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    • The former American Idol finalist died Aug. 1 at 35, reportedly due to a blood clot in his ankle. Johns made the top 8 on Season 7 in 2008. Following his elimination, Johns released the full-length album Hold Back My Heart in 2009, which included the single "Heart on My Sleeve." He released the single "Day Breaks Sun" in February of this year.

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    • Little is known of Enriqueta Martí i Ripollés before she arrived in Barcelona in the early years of the 19th Century. What is known is that she did not arrive alone. She brought with her a brutal penchant for survival and an equally fierce desire to rise above a poverty that she would soon sadistically twist to her advantage. She preyed on young children from Barcelona’s destitute Raval Quarter. She would prostitute them to the pedophiles and deviants who had for so long protected and frequented her brothels. She could at once appear impoverished, dressed in rags to entice her prey and then as evening fell, attend the lavish galas of the El Liceu (Barcelona Opera House) as gentry. She continued unabated before finally being discovered in 1912 by a vigilant neighbor who alerted police.
    • We're talking about President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) of"The West Wing" of course, although we're sure Obama isn't above seeking help during the holidays either.
      On a special Thanksgiving-themed episode of "The West Wing," Bartlet discovers the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line (1-800-BUTTERBALL), which Charlie (Dule Hill) calls the "Butterball hotline."
      "God, I love my country," says Bartlet. We agree.
      The president then proceeds to call and stay on hold until he reaches a helpful poultry expert and then asks some tricky questions about stuffing. Our favorite line about whether or not cooking stuffing inside a turkey could kill his guests: "I'm not saying that's necessarily a deal-breaker."
      We also dug up a couple other clips from the episode. Here CJ (Allison Janney) annoys the boys. Oh, and Toby (Richard Schiff) is wrong. Jamestown was settled in 1607, which also makes it the 17th century. Enjoy:
      Finally, Bartlet pardons a turkey, sort of:
      Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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      Photo credit: NBC
    • The CW announced today that long-running series Supernatural has been renewed for a ninth season. On the air since 2005, the show has amassed a loyal following that has kept its ratings strong over the years. Since being paired with new series Arrow on Wednesday nights this season,Supernatural has seen an improvement of 15% in total viewers and similar gains in key demographics.

      (Source: TV by the Numbers)
    • Charles Ray Hatcher also known as "Crazy Charlie, A one-man crime wave, and Mr. Prince;" was born in the small town of Mount City, Missouri at 4:00 p.m. He was the youngest sibling having three older brothers; Arthur Allen Hatcher, Jesse Hatcher Jr., and Floyd Hatcher. His parents where Jesse and Lula Hatcher. Charles did have trauma in his childhood. At the young age of six years old he watched his oldest brother Arthur die of electrocution while they were flying a kite. His mother left the home and was married at least three times. At the age of 16 he moved to Saint Joseph, Missouri to live with his mother and her third husband. Then at the age of 18 he got a job but had trouble keeping a job. He first worked at the bowling alley in Saint Joseph. He then got a job in the fall of 1947 at Iowa-Missouri Walnut Co. driving a truck. By October 9th, 1947 he had stolen a company truck and returned it the next morning intoxicated. This is where his crimes started. He received a two year suspended sentence and was fired from his job.

      On February 5th, 1948 Charles got a job at the St. Francis Hotel in Saint Joseph washing dishes. Just a couple of days later he received his first prison sentence. Hatcher was released from the Missouri prison system just a little over a year on June 8th, 1949 serving only 3/4 of his time. On October 10th, 1949 Charles was convicted of forgery for a ten dollar check at a gas station in Maryville, Missouri. For this crime Hatcher received three years in the Missouri State Penitentiary. It was just a couple of years later on March 18th, 1951 when Hatcher escaped from the prison but was caught but not before he had time to attempt yet another crime; burglary; for this he got two years added to his sentence. He was released from prison after serving his additional time on July 14th, 1954 and almost made it a year before committing his next crime.

      On February 5th, 1955 at the age of 25 he stole a 1951 Ford in the small town of Orrick, Missouri. He was sentenced to four years for auto theft and served his time in the Ray County Jail in the small town of Richmond, Missouri. He still had not changed his pattern. He again attempted to escape and received another additional sentence of two years. He was released from prison on March 18th, 1959 from his fifth and sixth sentence of his criminal career. On June 26th, 1959 Hatcher moved his criminal activity from steeling cars to making his first known attempt to abduct a 16 year old paper boy of Saint Joseph, Missouri named Steven Pellham. Hatcher was sentenced to five years for the attempted abduction and car theft on November 20th, 1959. Staying true to his nature the very next day Hatcher attempted to escape the Buchanan County Jail with no success. Unsure if he received any additional time for the escape attempt. Charles Hatcher arrived at the Missouri State Penitentiary on November 25th, 1959. It was at this time he started taking pride in his criminal career claiming to be the most notorious criminal in northwest Missouri since the great Jesse James.

      On July 2nd, 1961 inmate Jerry Tharrington was found raped and stabbed to death on the kitchen loading dock of the Missouri State Penitentiary. It is believed that Hatcher killing started here. The only punishment that Charles Hatcher received this murder was solitary confinement due to a lack of evidence to take further action. On January 18th, 1962 Hatcher was still in solitary confinement for the murder of his fellow inmate. At this time he wrote a letter to the Major of the penitentiary making the claim that he realized he needed psychological treatment. This is where the system made a huge mistake in thinking it was just a scheme to get out of solitary and possible out of prison early and refused to get Hatcher any kind of treatment. The question that many ask is if he have gone to treatment at this point in his life would things have turned out differently? With no treatment he was released to the general population October of 1962, and with the release from prison on August 24th, 1963 still receiving no psychological treatment.

      August 1969 was a busy month for Charles Ray Hatcher. He confessed to the abduction of a boy in Antioch, California on the 27th of August. Hatcher asked the boy to take a ride with him. Hatcher drove to a creek and strangled the boy to death with his hands. Then just two days later on the 29th of August a six year old Hispanic boy was reported missing in San Francisco, California. A little girl the boy had been playing with reported that he walked away with a man that offered him ice cream. A man walking his dog came across them in the middle of a sexual assault and beating. The young boy did survive the horrifying encounter. When police arrested the man committing the crime he would not answer any question just claimed his name was Albert Ralph Price. However he was caring an identification with the name Hobert Prater. It was not til later that the FBI finally identified him as Charles Ray Hatcher.

      On September 12th, 1969 Hatcher was brought before a judge in California for this assault, attempted murder, and kidnapping. At this time he was still claiming his name was Albert Price causing the judge to order a psychiatric evaluation. Hatcher was in the California State Hospital for a 90-day evaluation. During the first part of his stay Hatcher was completely unresponsive. Later claiming to hear voices, having delusions of persecution, being confused, and suicide attempts, was the first time Hatcher claimed a mental illness and avoided prison time. On September 30th, 1969 Hatcher began the first of five tours in the California State Hospital.

      On December of 1971, Hatcher was 41 years old and the California State Hospital repeatedly sent him back to court declaring him competent to stand trial but every time was sent back to the hospital. Charles Hatcher was identified as a passive-aggressive personality with sexual deviation and murder. On January 21st of 1971, the first psychiatrist declared Hatcher insane and incompetent to stand trial. Then the very next day on the 22nd the second psychiatrist who referred to Hatcher as Mr. Prince, concluded that Hatcher was insane and incompetent to stand trial. This is when he was sent back to the hospital. On May 24th 1971 Charles was finally sent to trial and pleaded guilty by reason of insanity. Hacher was ordered another evaluation this time by a different hospital and was again found incompetent to stand trial. The actual evaluation took place on May 27th, 1971 with Dr. Carl Drake Jr. At this time Charles Hatcher still claiming to be Albert Price lied about his life history to the doctor.

      The next month Charles Hatcher keeping true to his natural pattern escaped for that California State Hospital on June 2nd, 1971. He was picked up in Colusa, California 90 miles from the hospital a week later. He was arrested for auto theft giving the police the name of Richard Lee Grady. When taken to the hospital on July 15th, 1971 for evaluation the hospital staff know who he was. It was not until April 4th, 1972 that the hospital staff and doctors decided that Charles Ray Hatcher's treatment was not going any where and he was a danger to the other patients. These is when he was finally sent to the prison state hospital at Vacaville, California. It was just a few months later that he was transferred to the San Quentin Prison in August of 1972. This is where Hatcher was finally forced to stand trial for his crimes. It had been three years since he had committed these crimes when this happened. October 24th, 1972 Hatcher was ordered to have two more evaluations. The first one was to determine if he was competent to stand trail and the second was to determine if he was sane at the time he committed the crimes. On December 12th, 1972 Charles Hatcher was tried for the abduction of Gilbert Martinez; the six year old Hispanic boy; he was convicted of the charges. Hatcher was sentences to the California State Hospital. He entered the hospital on January 9th, 1973 as a mentally disordered sexual offender.

      Hatcher could not help himself her on March 28th, 1973 he tried yet another escape attempt. This time unsuccessful. A security guard found him hiding in a cooler in the main courtyard. Hatcher had two sheets stuffed into his paints for some reason. He later confessed that this wad an escape attempt. This made the doctors feel that it was time for Hatcher to go back to court because he was a threat to society. In May of 1973 Hatcher received yet another evaluation by psychologist W.D Lewis who declared that Hatcher was "manipulative institutionalized sociopath." Then on June 15th, 1973 Hatcher was recommended for a transfer to a maximum security prison. Due to this recommendation Charles cut his wrists because he did not want to go. After this out burst he was concluded to be paranoia and schizophrenia and this saved him from the maximum security prison. On May 20th, 1977 Hatcher was released to the Home Care Services Center; which is a halfway house in San Francisco, California. This early release happened due to a bill being pasted giving inmates credit for time served in mental health facilities as well as time in jail. He also had received very good reviews at the parole board hearings. Less than a month later Hatcher was on the run declared a parolee at large.

      At the age of 47, on May 25h 1977 Hatcher was supposed to report back to the half-way house every night at 9:00pm and take a total of nine prescribed pills. Five days later, Hatcher violated the terms of his parole and was on the run. He was considered a walk-away.” Then on June 13th 1977, Hatcher was declared a “parolee at large” and besides a sighting in Wilmar, Minnesota, was not seen for about a year.

      This is when Hatcher began killing again. On May 27th, 1978 Charles Ray Hatcher had returned to Saint Joseph, Missouri where he had began his criminal career. He kidnapped four year old Eric Christgen. Eric was abducted from a park in downtown Saint Joseph, Missouri. Eric's babysitter had left him at the park to run into the store to buy a flag. When she returned Eric was gone. Melvin Reynolds was falsely accused of Eric's assault and sentences to life in prison on February 14th, 1979. Later Buchanan County Police would find out that due to a rush to close this case the had convicted the wrong man it should have been Charles Ray Hatcher. Then a few months later 150 miles north of Saint Joseph, Missouri on September 4th, 1978 Hatcher was arrested in Omaha, Nebraska. He had sexually attacked a 16 year old boy. Victims name is unknown. Hatcher was released from the Douglas County Mental Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska on January 31st, 1979. This is where he had served his time for the 1978 sexual attack that happened in September. When arrested Charles gave police yet another fake name this time claiming to be Richard Clark. Do to the staff never taking fingerprints the police and staff may never have known who Hatcher really was. On May 3rd, 1979 Hatcher was arrested yet again in Omaha for the assault and attempt to kill seven year old Thomas Morton. Some how the charges where dropped and Charles was sent to another mental hospital for this crime. Hatcher was released from the hospital on May 21st, 1980 but returned just two months later because of another assault charge.

      At the age of 51 Charles Ray Hatcher still had not changed he again escaped this time from Norfolk Regional Center. Hatcher was arrested in Lincoln, Nebraska under the name Richard Clark on October 9th, 1980. Hatcher has attempted to assault and murder on a 17 year old boy. He was discharged from a mental facility just 21 days later. Charles Hatcher had moved his crime wave to Des Moines, Iowa. On January 13th, 1981 he was arrested again under the the name of Richard Clark. This time he had been a knife fight. He spent a short time in another mental facility. On April 10th, 1981 he was discharged from the Iowa Mental Hospital to the care of the Salvation Army shelter in Davenport, Iowa. On June 20th, 1981 a man by the name of James Churchill was stabbed to death on the Missouri River banks near Rock Island, Illinois. It was not until later that Charles confused that he and Churchill had been drinking together and Hatchers impulse to kill was growing in him. Charles has stabbed Churchill 10 to 12 times with a knife that had been embedded in a bone in Churchill's right chest near the heart. Arrested in Bettendorf, Iowa forattempting to abduct an 11 year old boy named Todd Peers from a grocery store.The boy was able to run Ironically this was Hatcher’s 52nd birthday.

      Arrested on his 52nd birthday(July 16th, 1981) for attempting to abduct an 11 year old boy named Todd Peers. Hatcher using the name Richard Clark when the police picked him up. On March 18th, 1982 again for some reason the charges where dropped against Hatcher and he spent only 49 days in a mental hospital in Mount Pleasant, Iowa before being released on May 7th, 1982. On July 27th 1982 Charles Hatcher had made his way back to Saint Joseph, Missouri. A woman by the name of Stephanie Richie was approached by a strange man wanting to take her for coffee. Something about the man frightened her so she requested that he leave her alone. This strange encounter took place only a half a block from where Eric Christgen had been abducted only four years earlier. The next day Hatcher abducted a ten year old boy; Kerry Heiss, outside the Saint Joseph Mall. Hatcher claiming to be a security guard grabbed the boy and began to pull him away from the record store. Kerry was able to get away and told his grandmother but Hatcher was gone by the time that the police got to the scene. On July 29th, 1982 Hatcher abducted and murdered an 11 year old girl; Michelle Steele. Michelle had gone to a dentist appointment at 10:30 a.m she left the dentist office at 11:30 a.m. It was not until her mother Annette Steele got home at 3:15p.m that Michelle was noticed missing and the police where called. It was not until July 30th, 1982 that Michelle was found by her uncle dead between two logs. Michelle Steele's body was found less than a mile downstream from where Eric Christgen's body had been found. This was the same day that Charles Hatcher checked himself into the St. Joseph State Hospital under the name of Richard Clark.

      On August 3rd, 1982 Charles Hatcher was charged under the name Richard Clark for the murder of Michelle Steele. The charge this time was first degree murder. His bond was set at $250,000.00. With the identification by an eye witnesses that Hatcher was the man down by the river, the teeth marks matched the bite marks on the girls body, shoe imprints matching, his knapsack, nylon cords, as well as the photo identifications from the two attempted abductions the police had sufficient evidence to charge Charles Ray Hatcher. On August 13th, 1982 Hatcher received his first mental evaluation in this case and it was concluded that he could understand the charges but need to be sent to another mental facility. It was not until April 19th, 1983 that Hatcher was declared competent to stand trial for first degree murder in the death of Michelle Steele. On May 3rd, 1983 Hatcher was sent to the Buchanan County Jail to await trial. This is when he gave the deputy a peace of paper that said, "Please call the FBI and tell them I would like to see them today. Very important case." FBI agent Joe Holtstag met with Hatcher. This is when Hatcher gave them a map to Churchill's body but still did not admit to killing him. Charles also told Joe Holtstag that there where 16 bodies, 13 adults, and all where male. This is how they got the information to know that they had convicted the wrong man of Eric Christgen's murder. Charles made it clear to Holtstag that he would trade information about the murders for taking the death penalty off the table. On June 20th, 1983 attorneys Dahms and Morrey had obtained a charge for Hatcher and trial date was set for August 22nd, 1983. Just five days later Holtstag received the letter that Hatcher wrote with a detailed account of the murder of four year old Eric Christgen's. This letter contained details that no body else could have know. Taking his time confessing to all his murders he confused to the Churchill murder on August 3rd, 1983. He also confessed to the William Freeman murder in 1969. By the end of the interview on August 3rd he had filled in all the details about his criminal career from auto theft on October 27th, 1947 all the way through and up to the murder of Michelle Steele on July 29th, 1982.

      On September 12th, 1983 Hatcher plead not guilty and another trial was set for January 9th, 1984. The on October 13th, 1983 Hatcher was sentenced to life in prison in the MIssouri State Penitentiary for the murder of Eric Christgen. This was also the day that the man wrongfully convicted was released for the crime he did not commit. On January 9th, 1984 the trial was set to start but Hatcher had abused is attorney Dahms so much that he dropped the case. Due to this the trial was moved to Warrensburg, Kansas. The trial started on September 17th, 1984. The jury was picked in one day their were 9 men and 4 women picked to judge this case. The trial lasted five days from 9:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. On the 22nd of September Hatcher was convicted of capital murder of Michelle Steele. He received 50 years without possibility of parole. In November of 1984 Holtstag met with Hatcher for the last time. Then on December 3rd, 1984 Hatchers motion was denied. Just a few days later on December 7th, 1984 Charles Ray Hatcher was found during morning rounds hanging in his cell. He was hanging from a piece of electrical wire that had been to brace the heavy metal ventilation grate in his cell. Hatchers hang had been tied behind his back with shoelaces. The officer did try to revive Hatcher but he was already dead.
    • SPURS over HORNETS 98 to 93
      MAGIC over ROCKETS 120 to 113
      GRIZZLIES over NETS 103 to 92
      PELICANS over PISTONS 105 to 94
      RAPTORS over 76ERS 100 to 84
      WIZARDS over BULLS 105 to 99
      HAWKS over CELTICS 105 to 91
      NUGGETS over MAVERICKS 114 to 107
      WARRIORS over HEAT 104 to 89
      CLIPPERS over TRAIL BLAZERS 100 to 94

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    • SYFY has announced that Haven will return for a fourth season. The network has ordered 13 new episodes of the supernatural drama, which will return in 2013.

      The series has continued to be a strong performer in its third season, so far averaging its best ever ratings in the Adults 25-54 demographic. Five episodes remain in the current season before it wraps things up in late December.

      No exact date has been announced at this time for Season 4.

      (Source: TV by the Numbers)
    • ABC has renewed Nashville for a third season. The country music drama has continued to be a decent performer for the network, garnering fairly steady ratings week to week.

      Over its two seasons, the show has won critical acclaim and amassed a loyal following of fans. Music from the series has also been steadily released featuring songs sang by the cast.

      The Season 2 finale of Nashville airs this Wednesday, May 14. Look for Season 3 to return this fall.
    • CAPITALS over SENATORS 2 to 1
      PREDATORS over BLUE JACKETS 5 to 1
      PANTHERS over PENGUINS 4 to 3
      CANUCKS over COYOTES 7 to 1
      DUCKS over SHARKS 3 to 2
      FLAMES over KINGS 4 to 3
    • On March 13, 1933, Donald Gaskins was born in Florence County, South Carolina. At a young age, Gaskins was teased and given the nickname “Pee Wee” as a result of his small body frame. Violence and ridicule followed him from his home where his stepfather beat him to his school where he fought with the other kids daily. This would ultimately lead to him becoming the most prolific serial killer in South Carolina.

      At age 11, Gaskins quit school and began working on cars at a local garage. While working there, he met two boys, Danny and Marsh. They were all around the same age and out of school, so they teamed up and called themselves “The Trouble Trio.” The trio burglarized homes, picked up prostitutes, and even sometimes raped little boys. They would threaten the little boys so they wouldn’t go to the police. Eventually the trio broke up after they were caught for gang-raping Marsh’s little sister. For punishment, the parents beat the boys until they bled. Danny and Marsh left the area shortly after that. Gaskins continued to burglarize homes alone. In 1946, a girl who knew Gaskins interrupted him while he was burglarizing her home. She struck him with an ax. He managed to get it away from her, struck her in the head and arm with it before fleeing the scene. Luckily, the girl survived the attack. Gaskins was arrested and convicted for assault with a deadly weapon and intent to kill. During the court proceedings, it was the first time he had heard his real name spoken in his whole life. He was sent to the South Carolina Industrial School for Boys until he turned 18.

      At the reform school, Gaskins was almost immediately attacked and raped due to his small stature. He spent his time either accepting protection from the “Boss-Boy” in exchange for sex or attempting to escape. Eventually he escaped from the reform school and got on with a traveling carnival. He married a 13-year-old girl while there, but decided to return to the reform school to finish out his sentence. After he was released from reform school, he began working on a tobacco farm. There, he got involved in insurance fraud; he worked with a partner by collaborating with local tobacco farmers to burn their barns for a fee. Around the area, people began to wonder about Gaskins’ involvement with the barn fires. When his employer’s daughter questioned him about the barn fires, he panicked and split the girl’s skull with the hammer in hand. He received a five year sentence in prison for assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. While in prison, Gaskins committed his first murder in an attempt to become a “Power Man.” Power men are the most brutal and feared inmates. Gaskins decided killing a fellow inmate would be enough to keep the other inmates from bothering him. He was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six months of solitary confinement but he accomplished his goal of becoming a “Power Man.” The newly found status made his life in prison more enjoyable.

      In 1955, his wife filed for divorce. Gaskins flipped and escaped from prison. Shortly thereafter, he remarried but the second marriage only lasted two weeks. Then he became involved with Betty Gates. The two went to Tennessee to bail out Gates’ brother, but when Gaskins arrived back at the hotel he was in for a surprise. He found out Gates’ brother was actually her husband and he had recently escaped. The police arrived at the hotel and it didn’t take them long to realize that he was an escaped convict. He was sent back to prison with an extra nine months for aiding the escape of a prisoner. In August 1961, he was released from prison and returned to South Carolina. He was unable to stay out of trouble and began burglarizing homes again. He avoided arrest by working with a traveling minister as his driver and general assistant. This was an easy way Gaskins could travel from town to town while burglarizing homes and would make his crimes harder to trace.

      In 1962, Gaskins was arrested for the statutory rape of a 12-year-old girl, but he escaped to North Carolina in a stolen car. Once in North Carolina, he met a 17-year-old girl whom he married. She eventually turned him into the police for statutory rape and he received six years in Columbia Penitentiary. In November 1968, he was paroled and made a vow to never return again. Throughout Gaskins’ life, he described feelings that forced him into criminal activity which he referred to as “them aggravated and bothersome feelings.” In September 1969, he found relief from these feelings. Gaskins picked up a female hitchhiker in North Carolina and became angry when she laughed at his sexual propositions. He beat her until she was unconscious. Gaskins raped, sodomized, and tortured her. Then he went to a swamp to sink her weighted body so she would drown.

      His “process” of rape, torture, and murder was described by Gaskins as a “vision” into the “bothersome feelings” he experienced throughout his life. Satisfying these feelings became his driving force in life. He mastered the skill of torture, often keeping his injured victims alive for days. Sometimes he would cannibalize their severed body parts and either make them watch him eat them in horror or join in the eating. Gaskins preferred female victims, but that didn’t stop him from doing the same to the males he happened upon. By 1975, he had found 80 boys and girls along the highways in North Carolina and killed them. He considered these highway murders as “weekend recreation” and thought killing his personal acquaintances were “serious murders.” Some of the serious murders included his 15-year-old niece and her friend. He lured the two girls off to an abandoned house where he beat, raped, and drowned them. Although Gaskins had a reputation for being explosive, some people in the town just thought he was mentally disturbed. Most tried to avoid even being around him, but some people actually liked him and considered him as their friend. One of the people who considered Gaskins to be a friend was Doreen Dempsey, a mother of a two-year-old baby girl and was pregnant with her second child at the time of her death. She was leaving town and decided to get a ride to the bus station from her old friend. Gaskins took her to a wooded area where he raped and killed her and then raped, sodomized, and killed her baby. He buried the two together.

      Gaskins was 42 years old in 1975 and had been killing steadily for the past 6 years. Up until then, he had worked alone and that had helped him avoid being caught. However after he murdered three people after their van broke down on the highway, he needed some help. He called up an ex-con Walter Neely to drive the victims’ van to his garage so he could repaint it and sell it. Gaskins was also a hired hit man. That same year, Suzanne Kipper, paid him $1500 to kill her ex-boyfriend, Silas Yates. John Powell and John Owens handled the communication between Gaskins and Kipper concerning the arrangement of the murder. On February 12, 1975, Diane Neely lured him out of the house by claiming to have car trouble. Gaskins then kidnapped and murdered Yates while Powell and Owens watched. All three helped bury him. Diane Neely and her boyfriend decided to blackmail Gaskins. They asked for $5000 in hush money; Gaskins quickly got rid of them after he arranged a meeting for the payoff. Around the same time, Gaskins had tortured and killed other people he knew, such as Kim Ghelkins, a 13-year-old who rejected him. Two locals robbed Gaskins’ repair shop without knowing about his bad side. He eventually killed and buried these two with the other locals in his private cemetery. Once again, he called on Walter Neely to help him bury the two bodies. While there, Gaskins even showed Neely where he had buried other locals.

      After the disappearance of Kim Ghelkins, the authorities began to become suspicious of Gaskins. After searching his apartment, they found clothing that had been worn by Ghelkins. Gaskins was indicted for “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” Neely cracked under pressure while waiting for the trial and showed the police Gaskins’ private cemetery. In the cemetery, they found the bodies of the following: Sellars, Judy, Howard, Diane Neely, Johnny Knight, Dennis Bellamy, Doreen Dempsey and her child. On April 27, 1976, Gaskins and Walter Neely were charged with eight counts of murder. On May 24, 1976, a jury convicted Gaskins of the murder of Dennis Bellamy and he was sentenced to death. In an attempt to avoid additional death sentences, he later confessed to seven more murders. In November 1976, the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutional, so his death sentence was converted to life with seven consecutive life sentences. In 1978, the death penalty was restored. This didn’t mean anything to Gaskins until he was caught and found guilty for being paid to murder fellow prisoner, Rudolph Tyner. This conviction caused him to receive a death sentence.

      He began confessing for other murders to avoid the electric chair. If these confessions were true, then he would be the worst killer in South Carolina’s history. He admitted to the murder of Peggy Cuttino but prosecutors had already charged and sentenced William Pierce to life in prison for the murder. Gaskins’ confession was rejected. Over the last months of his life, Gaskins worked with author Wilton Earl on his book, Final Truth. This book was published in 1993 and discussed the murders and the “bothersome” feelings Gaskins felt throughout his life. On the day of his execution, he cut his wrists in a last attempt to avoid the electric chair. However that didn’t work. Gaskins was placed in the electric chair, with stitched arms, and pronounced dead by electrocution on September 6, 1991. It is unknown as to how many murders Gaskins actually committed since information was never provided for all of the bodies. Maybe he just wanted to be known as the most prolific serial killer in South Carolina. One thing we know for certain is that Donald Gaskins was a psychopath who had no regard for human life.
    • CBS has officially confirmed that freshman drama Unforgettable has been un-cancelled, and will return to the air for summer 2013.

      The Poppy Montgomery-led series was one of a large number of fall shows that were cancelled back in May by the four major networks, but was the highest-rated of the bunch to get the axe.

      Word is that 13 episodes have been ordered.

      (Source: Twitter)
    • Pamela Anderson is a Canadian-American actress, model, producer, author, activist, former showgirl, and a Playmate of the Month for Playboy magazine in February 1990, known for her roles on the television series Home Improvement, Baywatch, and V.I.P. In 2009 she was forced to move into a trailer park for owing over $800 thousand to the construction company that built her over-the-top Malibu mansion. She even skipped out on paying her $1.7 million tax bill.

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    • NBC has cancelled freshman series Ironside after just three episodes. The police drama premiered earlier this month but failed to catch on with viewers in its 10:00pm Wednesday time slot.

      The show is NBC's first drama of the 2013-2014 season to get the axe.

      (Source: TV by the Numbers)
    • TNT has announced that sophomore drama Franklin & Bash has been renewed for a third season. The series stars Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as two street-smart lawyers and longtime friends who are recruited into a legendary, but uptight, law firm.

      “Franklin & Bash, with its winning cast and some of the sharpest dialogue on television, is a refreshingly clever, light-hearted take on the courtroom drama,” said network executive VP Michael Wright in a press release. “We look forward to spending another season with Breckin, Mark-Paul and the rest of the terrific cast and crew of Franklin & Bash.”

      The number of episodes ordered is not known, nor is the expected return date, but each of the show's previous two seasons have started in early June with a run of 10 episodes. The same is expected for season 3

      (Source: TV by the Numbers)
    • Paul MacLean, who won the Jack Adams Award as the NHL's coach of the year just two seasons ago, was fired Monday by Ottawa Senators and replaced by assistant Dave Cameron, it was announced. The news was released via the team's Twitter account and marked the first head-coaching change of the 2014-15 seasons. The Senators were off to an 11-11-5 start and are 10th in the Eastern Conference.

      General manager Bryan Murray, speaking at a news conference Monday at Canadian Tire Centre, said Cameron, a favorite of owner Eugene Melnyk, will succeed MacLean. "I've had some tough days lately," said Murray, who is undergoing cancer treatment. "This is one of them." Murray said there was”uneasiness" in the locker room with MacLean. "Some of the better players felt that they were singled out a little too often maybe," Murray said. "That's today's athlete. They want to be corrected, coached, given a chance to play without being the center point of discussion in the room."

      MacLean, who previously worked as an assistant to Mike Babcock in Anaheim and Detroit, won the Jack Adams Award in the 2012-13 lockout-shortened season, when he led an injury-ravaged Senators team to the postseason despite long odds. Defensive tactics by MacLean, who was in the first season of a three-year deal, allowed opponents easier entry into the defensive zone, leading to games in which the Senators were often outshot.
    • Matt Kemp has joined the Padres after San Diego and the Los Angeles finalized a five-player trade. The teams agreed to the trade last week during the winter meetings in San Diego. It was the first of three big deals by new Padres general manager A.J. Preller, who also has added outfielder Wil Myers, the 2013 AL Rookie of the Year, from Tampa Bay and All-Star catcher Derek Norris from Oakland.
      The Padres, desperate to pump up the worst offense in the majors, also get $32 million from the Dodgers to help offset the $107 million remaining on Kemp's contract. The Padres' obligation of $75 million to Kemp over five years becomes the biggest deal in club history. Kemp twice made the All-Star team during his time in L.A., as well as winning two Gold Glove and two Silver Slugger awards. His 182 homers rank fourth in Los Angeles Dodgers history. Kemp weighed in on the deal via social media, penning a "goodbye to the city and the fans who have been there since the beginning of my career."

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    • Canadian network Space has renewed freshman series Bitten for a second season in 2015. The supernatural drama, which airs on Syfy in the States, has been picked up for 10 more episodes that will begin filming this summer.

      The series is popular up north and has become Space's #1 original series of all time. US fans will surely be pleased with the news, as the show's return to Syfy appears likely - though no official statement has been made as of yet regarding a stateside pickup.

      (Source: Space)
    • Brett Butler is an American actress, writer, and stand-up comedian, best known for playing the title role in the comedy series Grace Under Fire. From 1993 to 1998, the Golden Globe-nominated actress was living the high life, thanks to her wildly popular show, but when ABC cancelled the series, due in part, to her rampant drug addiction, she quickly lost everything. She bounced from her LA mansion to a Georgia farm, and ended up destitute in a homeless shelter.

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    • Ronald J. Dominique of Houma, LA has confessed to murdering 23 men over the past nine years and dumping their bodies in sugarcane fields, ditches and small bayous in six southeast Louisiana parishes. His reason for killing? He did not want to return to jail after raping the men. In 1997, authorities found 19-year-old David Levron Mitchell's murdered body near Hahnville. The body of 20-year-old Gary Pierre was found in St. Charles Parish six months later. In July 1998, the body of 38-year-old Larry Ranson was found in St. Charles Parish. Over the next nine years, more bodies of men ranging in age from 19 to 40 would be found dumped in sugarcane fields, desolate bayous and in ditches in remote areas. Similarities in 23 of the murders lead investigators to suspecting the men were victims of a serial killer.

      A task force made up of nine South Louisiana parish sheriff's offices, the Louisiana State Police and the FBI, was formed in March 2005, to investigate the murders. Investigators knew the 23 victims were mostly homeless men, many who led high-risk lifestyles, which included drug use and prostitution. The victims had been asphyxiated or strangled, some raped and several were barefooted. After receiving a tip, authorities armed with forensic evidence, arrested Ronald Dominique, 42, and charged him with the murder and rape of 19-year-old Manuel Reed and 27-year-old Oliver Lebanks. Just days before his arrest, Dominique had moved from his sister's home into the Bunkhouse shelter in Houma, LA. Residents of the home described Dominique as odd, but no one suspected he was a killer.

      Soon after his arrest, Dominique confessed to murdering 23 southeast Louisiana men. His tactics in capturing, sometimes raping then murdering the men was simple. He would lure homeless men with the promise of sex in exchange for money. Sometimes he would tell the men he wanted to pay them to have sex with his wife, and then show a picture of an attractive woman. Dominique was not married, he then lead the men to his home, asked to tie them up, then raped and eventually murdered the men to avoid arrest. In his statement to the police, Dominique said the men who refused to be tied up would leave his home unharmed. Such was the case with one unnamed man who a year ago, reported the incident to the task force, a tip that eventually led to Dominique's arrest.

      Ronald Dominique spent much of his youth in the small bayou community of Thibodaux, LA. Thibodaux sits between New Orleans and Baton Rouge and is the type of community where everyone knows a little about each other. He attended Thibodaux High School where he was in the glee club and sang in the chorus. Classmates who remember Dominique say he was ridiculed about being homosexual during his teen years, but at the time he never admitted he was gay. As he got older he seemed to live in two worlds. There was the Dominique who was helpful to his neighbors in the small trailer parks where he lived. Then there was the Dominique who cross-dressed and did bad impersonations of Patti LaBelle at the local gay club. Neither world embrace him and among the gay community, many remember him as someone who was not particularly well liked. Through most of his adulthood, Dominique struggled financially and would end up living with his mother or other relatives. In the weeks before his arrest, he was living with his sister in a singlewide trailer. He was suffering from declining health, having been hospitalized for a severe heart condition and forced to use a cane to walk. Outwardly, there was side to Dominique who enjoyed helping people. He joined the Lions Club just months before his arrest, and spent Sunday afternoons calling out Bingo numbers to senior citizens. The membership director said he was well liked by everyone he had met through the Lions Club. Maybe Dominique had finally found a place he felt accepted. What sparked Dominique to move from the comfort of his sister's home to the dismal surroundings of a shelter for the homeless is uncertain. Some suspect the family grew uncomfortable by the 24-hour police surveillance and Dominique, knowing he was soon to be caught, moved away to avoid getting his family involved in his arrest.
    • The legendary stage and screen actress died July 17 at 89. Famous for her acerbic wit, the Tony winner starred on such Broadway musicals as Company, Bus Stop and A Little Night Music, and headlined a one-woman show Elaine Stritch at Liberty. In recent years, she played Jack's caustic mother, Colleen Donaghy, on 30 Rock, for which she won one of her three Emmys.

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    • CBS has announced that the first season of Scorpion has been topped up to a full 22 episodes. The network has ordered nine new episodes on top of the original issue of 13 after a strong start for the series over its first five weeks.

      Scorpion is one of this fall's top new shows, ranking as the #2 new series and Monday night's most-watched drama with an average of 15 million viewers.
    • Known as “Joan of Art,” she was devoted to the promotion of the fine arts during the vice presidency of her husband, Walter Mondale. She also served as honorary chairwoman of the Federal Council on the Arts and Humanities under President Jimmy Carter.

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    • ABC has ordered nine more episodes for Cristela, giving it full season status. It has done very well in its first seven episodes. It was scheduled for only thirteen, but has now been slated for twenty-two.

      Source: Is My Show Cancelled
    • Bill Cosby’s star has officially been tarnished. Following weeks of reputation-damaging allegations of sexual abuse against the comedian, an unknown vandal has defaced Bill Cosby's Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Cosby's famous sidewalk placard, which sits on the 6900 block of Hollywood Boulevard and was given to him in 1977, was the victim of some graffiti. Someone took a blue pen to the star and wrote "Rapist" three times on it.

      The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has responded to the vandalism, "The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an institution celebrating the positive contributions of the inductees. When people are unhappy with one of our honorees, we would hope that they would project their anger in more positive ways then [sic] to vandalize a California State landmark. The star is being cleaned up at this time."To date, more than 20 women have come forward with claims that Cosby sexually assaulted them, often using pills to drug them first.

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