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  1. 'The Event' hiatus: Long nap or death sentence?

    The Event wraps up the first part of its season on Monday (Nov. 29), and if you're among the show's (dwindling number of) fans, what comes next should be of concern.

    By Midnight,

  2. Syfy cutting Caprica from schedule, no second season pickup

    We appreciate all the support that fans have shown for Caprica and are very proud of the producers, cast, writers and the rest of the amazing team that has been committed to this fine series.

    By Midnight,

  3. 'Running Wilde': Fox not running back nine episodes

    Bad news for fans hoping to save Running Wilde: Fox confirmed with EW that they are not ordering a back nine of the Keri Russell-Will Arnett series.

    By Midnight,

  4. The Not So Secret Service, Eddie McClintock Talks Warehouse 13 This Wednesday on www.dtrn.co.uk

    With The Sci Fi Guys edging ever closer to the shows 100th episode, the guys return this week with a special guest interview with Warehouse 13 actor, Eddie McClintock (In association with SFB Events). 

    By Midnight,

  5. Exclusive: Early look at 'Community' animated Christmas episode

    The study group turns into a cartoon in stop-motion special episode. "Community" has never hidden its love of popular culture, as past episodes have paid tribute to action movies, zombie films, "Apollo 13" and, recently, TV bottle episodes and conspiracy thrillers.

    By Midnight,

  6. 'Supernatural' spoilers: Dean's deal with Death, Sam's soul spell

    If it seems like the strained relationship between the Winchester brothers on Supernatural is improving, don't get too comfortable. Despite the old-school "beers on the hood of the Impala" scene in the most recent episode, all is not well between Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles).

    By Midnight,

  7. 'Supernatural' preview: Sam can smell Meg's fear

    There aren't many villains who have lasted longer than one episode of Supernatural, but Meg has been showing up every now and then for five seasons to cause trouble and then split before the Winchesters can figure out how to properly kill her.

    By Midnight,

  8. A 'Cougar Town' Thanksgiving, guest starring ... Zach Braff?

    Given the way Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence likes to use actors he's worked with before, it was probably inevitable that Zach Braff would show up on the show at some point.

    By Midnight,

  9. 'Dexter': Deb identifies with the vigilante killer

    Is Deb becoming more sympathetic to certain kinds of killers? 

    By Midnight,

  10. 'The Walking Dead': Andrea in mourning

    Spoilers! Watch Episode 104 "Vatos" before reading further.

    By Midnight,

  11. Butterball Turkey Talk-Line: 'The West Wing's' President Bartlet asks about stuffing

    Have a Thanksgiving or turkey-related question? Don't worry, the best of us do, even the president.

    By Midnight,

  12. 'Chuck': Sarah beats up Thailand, then slays us

    Chuck made its title character secondary to the story this week -- but the result was a great episode. Intense, funny and ultimately touching, "Chuck vs. Phase Three" was one of the best episodes of the season.

    By Midnight,

  13. 'Supernatural' sneak peek: Does Sam even want his soul back?

    On last week's episode of "Supernatural", a leprechaun offered to get Sam (Jared Padalecki) his soul back -- for a price -- and Sam refused, prompting Dean (Jensen Ackles) to wonder if Sam wants his soul back at all. In the next new episode, airing Dec. 3, the question bears repeating.


    By Midnight,

  14. 'The Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola and Michael Trevino dish on a potential love triangle

    It's finally happening, Vampire Diaries fans: the moment the show has been building toward since the first season, when we first saw Tyler (Michael Trevino) lit by a full moon. He's triggered the Lockwood curse and now he must accept his inevitable fate -- this time, the full moon won't just give him rage issues, it'll turn him into a full-fledged werewolf.

    By Midnight,

  15. Bristol Palin's final 'Dancing With the Stars' performance: How'd she do?

    You've seen how Kyle Massey and Jennifer Grey did on Monday's Dancing With the Stars -- and, oh yeah, you may have heard that Bristol Palin's in the finals too.

    By Midnight,

  16. 'The Vampire Diaries' Klaus casting: 9 guys we think could bring down Mystic Falls

    Vampire-Diaries.net dug up the casting call for Klaus, the vampire out for Elena's blood and looking to seek vengeance against Katherine for slipping through his grasp 500 years ago. In order to break the vampire curse and walk in the sun without a ring, Klaus needs to kill not only Elena, but Bonnie, Tyler, and Caroline as well.

    By Midnight,

  17. 'The Walking Dead': What's up with Jim?

    Don't miss this episode of The Walking Dead and pay close attention to Jim (Andrew Rothenberg).

    By Midnight,

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    • CBS announced today that The Big Bang Theory will come to an end after its upcoming 12th season. The news will see the veteran series sign off next May as one of the most-successful prime time come…
    • Five months after limited series The Alienist concluded its run, TNT has ordered another chapter to continue the story. Titled The Angel of Darkness, the sequel will be based on the follow-up novel…
    • History announced this week that Knightfall has been renewed for a second season. The freshman series, which premiered last December, is one of two original dramas currently in the cable network's …
    • It is being reported that USA Network has cancelled Shooterafter three seasons. The Ryan Phillippe drama, currently airing new episodes on Thursday nights, will air its series finale on September 1…
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    • Just over a month after NBC broke the hearts of #Clockblockers by cancelling Timeless for a second time, it has been confirmed that the show will indeed be returning for a two-part series finale. …
    • AMC announced today that Fear the Walking Dead has been renewed for a fifth season. The early pickup comes in the midst of Season 4, which is due to return for the second-half of its run on August …
    • Amazon Studios confirmed today that Sneaky Pete has been renewed for a third season. The good news was delivered at this summer's TCA, with the streaming giant announcing that production on the upc…
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    • At this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con panel for The Man in the High Castle, it was announced that the streaming drama will be returning for a fourth season. The good news was also accompanied by th…
    • It appears as if Colony has been cancelled after three seasons. The sad news comes just days before the sci-fi drama's season finale - which will now serve as its series ender. The writing appe…

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