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  1. Midnight

    Vice 6x28 - VICE 111

    Vice 6x28 - VICE 111
  2. until
    Remi's schemes put her and Weller in danger, while Pattersonand Rich solve a mysterious puzzle at the FBI.
  3. until
    In the wake of a traumatic yet therapeutic Thanksgiving, theCarringtons are ready to embrace a fresh start. As Fallon divesinto a new business endeavor, she inadvertently collides withCulhane's secret life. Meanwhile, Sam employs Kirby's help ashe embarks on a new personal venture, and as Cristalcelebrates the next step of her relationship with Blake,Alexis does her best to drive a wedge between them.
  4. until
    When a vial containing a deadly virus is stolen from the Centerfor Disease Control in Atlanta, MacGvyer and team race torecover it before the thief unleashes a global pandemic.
  5. until
    A renowned urban vigilante is killed after making anothercitizen's arrest, and Five-0 delves into the world of superheroes and comic books to find the killer. Also, Adam finallygets closer to finding out who killed his sister.
  6. until
    Gold Rush: Alaska 9x8 - Stormageddon
  7. until
    An unknown force threatens to reveal all the Midnighters'secrets. Manfred's suspicion towards Kai intensifies. Fijiembraces Dark Magic to save Bobo once and for all.
  8. until
    Rebecca takes a trip to visit her mother (guest star TovahFeldshuh) with intentions to tell Naomi about her new careerpath. Josh housesits for Rebecca and discovers being alone isharder than it seems, while Nathaniel helps one of Paula'sclients in an effort to do something good.
  9. until
    Tanked 15x6 - Clay Matthews' Green Bay Eel Tank
  10. until
    Ultimate Fighter 28x13 - The Ultimete Fighter Finale EarlyPrelims: Dos Anjos vs Usman
  11. Midnight

    Van Helsing 3x9 - Loud Love

    Doc and Jolene clash with Denver authorities over therepellent. Flesh chooses to face his past. Axel struggles withleaving Scarlett behind. Ivory and the Sisterhood infiltrateDenver.
  12. Midnight

    Blue Bloods 9x9 - Handcuffs

    Advice. Also, Danny is approached by a woman he put in jailwho asks for his help keeping her brother out of trouble, andNicky's new boyfriend has ulterior motives.
  13. until
    Ultimate Fighter 28x14 - The Ultimete Fighter Finale Prelims:Dos Anjos vs Usman
  14. until
    A couple hoping to conceive makes a video of theiremotionally-charged night for their future child.
  15. until
    Ultimate Fighter 28x15 - The Ultimete Fighter Finale: Dos Anjosvs Usman
  16. Midnight

    DuckTales 2x6 - Last Christmas!

    DuckTales 2x6 - Last Christmas!
  17. until
    90 Day Fiancé 6x5 - Not What I Thought
  18. until
    The guys try and work out the kinks as physical therapists,then pitch some way out-of-the-box ideas for TV hosts. Plus,the big loser gets rolled over by some speedy ladies.
  19. until
    Glimmer concocts a plan to introduce Adora to Bright Moon, butit all goes wrong. Adora flees into the woods, where she meetsan old woman named Razz.
  20. until
    Adora and her friends undertake a relief mission to thebesieged kingdom of Plumeria. The Shadow Weaver still wantsCatra to bring Adora back.
  21. until
    The squad heads for the water realm of Salineas, ruled byPrincess Mermista, but first they need a ship. Catra sets sailwith Force captain Scorpia.
  22. until
    Félix tries to unite all of the plazas while Rafa searches forwater for his seedless weed. Police corruption and the DEA'scomplacency frustrate Kiki.
  23. until
    Sandy helps Norman organize an event with complicatedarrangements and invites Lisa on an unusual date. Norman is ahit with Sandy's class.
  24. until
    A recruitment trip to Dryl goes awry thanks to a virus thatcorrupts Princess Entrapta's robots. When Adora transforms, itinfects She-Ra, too.
  25. until
    While Sandy contends with a worsening prostate problem andconflict between his students, Norman deals with his troubleddaughter, Phoebe.

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