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  2. Midnight

    Blindspot 4x11 - Careless Whisper

    Coming Soon...
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    An international crime boss offers Matty a deal she can'trefuse - he'll surrender himself into her custody if he'sallowed to return to the United States to watch his daughterwalk down the aisle. MacGyver and team crash the wedding toensure the crime lord doesn't run, only to discover they'renot the only ones lying in wait at the event.
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
  10. Midnight

    Into The Dark 1x5 - Down

    A pair of office workers get trapped in an elevator over a longValentine's Day weekend, but what at first promises to be aromantic connection turns dangerous and horrifying.
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    Coming Soon...
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    Ask This Old House 17x10 - Concrete Walkway: Jimmy DiResta
  13. Midnight

    Casualty 33x20 - Episode 20

    Alicia gets a coveted fellowship in Manchester. Will she chooseEthan or her career? Meanwhile, Marty's lies come back to bitehim.
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    Mike and Danielle pick an over-the-top,tiki-party-meets-rockabilly home while Frank and Robbie settheir sights on a vast collection hidden in the fortifiedbunkers of an old army base.
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    In May 2018, Kīlauea volcano erupted, obliteratingneighborhoods with devastating force and uprooting thousands oflocal residents. It is Hawaiʻi's most destructive volcaniceruption in generations. How can one of the most beautifulplaces on Earth suddenly transform into a roaring inferno,sputtering molten lava and bombs of volcanic rock the size ofrefrigerators? On the ground in the early days of theeruption, NOVA joins scientists and residents alike on abreathtaking journey to investigate Kīlauea's recent spike inactivity. Along the way, some of Hawaiʻi's biggest secretsare revealed: Why did these geologically distinctive volcanoesform in the middle of the Pacific? How did life establishitself on the remote islands? What does this tell us about thefuture of Hawaiʻi? And what dangers yet lurk for theinhabitants of the island paradise?
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    Top Chef 16x8 - Whatever Floats Your Boat
  17. Midnight

    The Last Leg 16x1 - TBA

    Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker and celebrityguests dissect the week's news
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    Ask This Old House 17x11 - Seismic Retrofit: Dryer Vent
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    A car-bomb attack in a quiet suburban street brings backunwelcome memories for Jack, when evidence points to theinvolvement of a Northern Irish terror group, long thoughtinactive. As the family of the victim seek their own form ofjustice, Jack calls an old friend to help them find thoseresponsible and stop the act of revenge from escalating.
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    American Pickers 20x2 - The Great Pick Off
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    Silent Witness 22x8 - Deathmaker - part two
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    FantomWorks 9x8 - Metro Mayhem Part 2
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    Outrageous Acts of Science 10x10 - Unusual Suspects
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    Sheldon is thrilled to help Bernadette and Wolowitz navigatebureaucratic paperwork, until he discovers they are breakingthe law. Also, Leonard is disappointed when his friendsexclude him from a scientific project.
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    The Carbonaro Effect 4x15 - Dummy Talks

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