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    RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 4x8 - Surprise Ball
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    An international crime boss offers Matty a deal she can'trefuse – he'll surrender himself into her custody if he'sallowed to return to the United States to watch his daughterwalk down the aisle. MacGyver and team crash the wedding toensure the crime lord doesn't run, only to discover they'renot the only ones lying in wait at the event.
  3. Midnight

    Blindspot 4x11 - Careless Whisper

    Blindspot 4x11 - Careless Whisper
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    It's Chinese New Year and the Lees, Elaine, Julius and son,Horace, are back. Elaine tries to give Jessica tips onbuilding a better relationship with Grandma Huang. Meanwhile,inspired by a Lee family tradition, Louis challenges Emery toa wrestling match to start the new year; and Eddie goes all inbetting his red envelope money on who will be the winner.
  5. Midnight

    Dynasty 2x12 - Filthy Games

    Fallon, after a devastating rejection, tries to prove she isstill at the top of her game. Sam tries to become a betterperson in an attempt to salvage his drifting relationship withSteven. Meanwhile, Alexis schemes to drive a wedge betweenBlake and Cristal.
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    Mike and Vanessa take the girls to the family cabin, whereMike challenges them to literally unplug for the weekend andstay off their phones. Meanwhile, for a school assignment,Jen shadows Kyle at work.
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    Maya and Melanie take their promising new fashion line to the2019 Abilities Expo, only to walk into a room full of familiarand unfriendly faces. Ray accompanies JJ on an overnightcollege visit. Meanwhile, Dylan's test scores lead her firstto Mr. Powers' office hours, then to a journey within.
  8. Midnight

    The Cool Kids 1x12 - Margaret Jr.

    Margaret's daughter, MJ, turns up at Shady Meadows jobless,homeless and looking to be rescued. Meanwhile, Sid attempts tofind his wok in Charlie's "hoarder paradise" of an apartment.
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    The final four chefs participate in a tableside challenge,preparing them for the showmanship that the Las Vegas ExecutiveChef position will require. After the guest judges vote, thewinner of the challenge receives a luxurious day in Malibu andinvites one of the other four chefs to join. Later on, thepressure returns when the chefs endure the showmanshipchallenge, which is plagued with rookie mistakes. Nobody cankeep their heads above water and in the most shocking twist ofthe season, not one, but two chefs go home.
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    While investigating Flippa's friend's murder, McGarrett andGrover uncover a deadly plan by an extremist group on theIsland. Also, Grover has an emotional reaction to the case.
  11. Midnight

    The Blacklist 6x5 - Alter Ego

    While Red argues in court to uphold the validity of hisimmunity agreement, Liz and the Task Force question a manwhose recent inheritance seems too good to be true and Dembeoffers Red some advice.
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    When Rebecca and Greg take a day trip, things don't go quiteas planned. Meanwhile, Paula has an incredibly stressful week.
  13. Midnight

    Documentary Now! 3x1 - tbd

    Documentary Now! 3x1 - tbd
  14. Midnight

    Blue Bloods 9x13 - Ripple Effect

    A medium approaches Danny and Baez claiming to know whathappened to a woman who was found dead of an apparent suicide.Also, Jamie and Eddie help a woman who bought cheap insulinonline that nearly killed her son; Frank goes against thewishes of the archbishop to take down a man he believes islaundering money from a charity; and Erin's ex-husband asksher for help with an assault and robbery case.
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    Section 20 forges an uneasy alliance with Zarkova in hopes oftracking down a stolen nuclear warhead in Kuala Lumpur. Thegroup is frustrated when Police Inspector Amy Leong, who hasconnections to triad leader Godfather Kim and his henchmanLaoshu, pulls them off the job after a false alarm. HighCommander McKitterick finds himself in an untenable dilemma,while Novin defies Coltrane's orders to settle a score.
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    Ask This Old House 17x12 - Soft Close Cabinets: Secret Garden
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    Coming Soon...
  18. Midnight

    Gotham 5x5 - Pena Dura

    A military task force, led by Eduardo Dorrance is called in toprovide relief to Gotham. Meanwhile, Nygma looks for answersfrom Penguin, who leads him back to Hugo Strange. Then, Bruceis concerned about Selina's recent behavior.
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    Coming Soon...
  20. Midnight

    Siren 2x2 - The Wolf at the Door

    Ben, Maddie and Ryn desperately try and keep the newly arrivedmermaid pack hidden from the rest of the town, but the newmermaids' quick degradation on land forces them to get themback to the sea unnoticed during the town's Mermaid BeautyContest. Elaine grows more suspicious of Helen and herconnections to their family.
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    Sam and Dean must figure out how to stop the bloodshed whenDonatello, who, in his current condition, is inadvertentlyscrambling the order of future prophets. Nick comes face toface with his past.
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Delilah struggles to find a way to keep the house, whileAshley has a secret meeting with someone who she thinks may beable to help; and Maggie receives news about her treatment.
  25. Midnight

    Legacies 1x9 - Season 1, Episode 9

    Coming Soon...

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