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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Gambi warns the Pierce family of a possible crisis looming.
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Ally and Paul's marriage is in crisis. Paul's obsessed by whathappened but won't discuss it. An increasingly troubled Lukerefuses to go to school and Leah and Alex make an announcement.
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Vice 8x7 - Yemen's War Kids & Joint Custody
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    Keeping up with the Kardashians 20x6 - Summer of Love
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    When a college scout comes to talk to Spencer, he must decideif the strings attached is worth it. Billy realizes that therecruiting game has changed and has an idea on how to help hisplayers. A police shooting of a young black woman hits to closeto home for Olivia, leaving her to take drastic measures toget justice. Jordan is struggling with everything going on, soSpencer, Asher and JJ try to help him out. Layla is inspiredby Coop when Coop does something selfless and for a good cause.Meanwhile, Grace learns something about Principal Carter thatshows him in a different light.
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    WWE Monday Night RAW 28x17 - #1457 - Yuengling Center inTampa, FL
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    The Neighborhood 3x15 - Welcome To The Challenge
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    Snoop Dogg serves as the Mega Mentor to all of the teams on thefinal night of the Knockouts as the coaches pair their artiststo perform individually against a teammate, then select awinner to move on to the Live Playoffs; each coach has onesteal. The four artists saved during the Battle Rounds willcompete in the Four-Way Knockout for America's Vote.
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    The 118 responds to a series of calls dealing with parents andtheir children, including a disastrous birthday party thrownby a mommy blogger. Meanwhile, Athena and Michael talk to Mayabout her past suicide attempt, Chimney and Maddie adjust tolife with their newborn, and Hen and Karen are emotionallyshattered as their foster daughter, Nia, is reunited with herbirth mother.
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    Bob ♥ Abishola 2x15 - Tlc: Tunde's Loving Care
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    All Rise 2x13 - Love's Illusions
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    Frontline 255x8 - The Virus that Shook the World, Part 1
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    The 126 make calls to a bloody disaster at an ice cream shopand help rescue a boy missing from his own birthday party.Meanwhile, the 126 holds an "intervention" for Owen after heaccidentally spills his secrets to new roommate Mateo. Then,T.K. and Carlos take a big step in their relationship, asGrace learns to rely on others in the aftermath of the caraccident.
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    As if right out of a science fiction movie, Bear Grylls swoopsin on a jetpack to pick up funnyman Keegan-Michael Key,kicking off their adrenaline-pumping adventure in the lavafields of Iceland. The "Key & Peele" star must put alljokes aside to face some of his greatest fears and conquer thelunar landscape. From a perilous rappel off a sheer 200-footcliff to an endurance-testing jumar climb, Keegan-Michael ispushed beyond mental and physical limits in a trulylife-changing experience.
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