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    Mike and Frank are deep in the heart of Texas where they play acouple of hands of Texas Pick'em with some savvy collectors.
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    Floribama Shore 2x3 - To Hunch Or Not To Hunch?
  4. Midnight

    Ackley Bridge 2x8 - Episode 8

    Mandy's abusive dad turns up at the school suffering fromdementia. She returns to the estate where she grew up to findthat her mum can't cope with the situation.
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    Million Dollar Listing New York 7x6 - Circa Circus
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    Shade and Angie's partnership is tested when a mysteriousclient hires them to recover a faulty prototype for apotentially dangerous new energy source. But when their plansgo awry, and their client disappears, who will be leftholding the bag?
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    When the guys get a lead on what could be Aerosmith's originaltour van, they head out on a cross-country trek in search ofthe holy grail of rock'n'roll relics.
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    Drain the Oceans 1x10 - Malaysia Airlines 370
  9. Midnight

    The Bold Type 2x9 - Trippin

    The girls take a trip to Sutton's hometown and meet a fewimportant figures from her past. Meanwhile, Jane struggleswith planning for her future, and Kat feels a rift in herrelationship with Adena. Guest starring Billy Magnussen.
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    Octavia leads her people into war. While behind enemy lines,our heroes must overcome their differences to save Wonkru fromextinction.
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    America's Got Talent 13x10 - Judge Cuts 3
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    Against the Smith's advice, Talon goes after the demon beforeshe's ready. The Mistress proves herself a ruthless enemy inher scheme to take over the colipsum trade.
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    Forged in Fire 5x21 - The Anthropomorphic Sword
  14. Midnight

    FantomWorks 8x10 - Episode 10

    FantomWorks 8x10 - Episode 10
  15. Midnight

    Animal Kingdom 3x10 - Off the Tit

    Animal Kingdom 3x10 - Off the ***
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    Face Off 13x9 - Through the Looking Glass, Part 1
  17. Midnight

    Younger 5x8 - The Bubble

    Younger 5x8 - The Bubble
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    The inside story of what happened to immigrant childrenseparated from their parents at the border.
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    Hit The Floor 4x4 - Number's Up

    Hit The Floor 4x4 - Number's Up
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    The Profit 5x18 - Baby Bump

    The Profit 5x18 - Baby Bump
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    Seven Year Switch 3x3 - Revelations And Realizations
  22. Midnight

    Counting Cars 8x4 - Episode 4

    Counting Cars 8x4 - Episode 4
  23. Midnight

    Youngers 5x8 - The Bubble

    Youngers 5x8 - The Bubble
  24. Midnight

    Teachers 3x8 - For Poorer or Poorer

    Teachers 3x8 - For Poorer or Poorer
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    Castle Rock 1x4 - The Box

    Henry prepares for his day in court: a coffin arrives inCastle Rock.
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    The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco 1x2 - Wake
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    • Less than a month after cancelling the Roseanne revival, ABC has confirmed that a spin-off featuring the rest of the cast will take its place this fall in the 8:00pm Tuesday time slot. The move had…
    • It's a sad day for the #Clockblockers out there, as NBC has once again cancelled Timeless. The move marks the second straight year that the network has pulled the plug on the series, only this time…
    • AMC announced today that The Terror will be returning for a second season. The good news follows a solid debut outing this past spring that garnered critical acclaim and healthy viewership. The…
    • Lucifer fans can rejoice today, as Netflix has reportedly picked up the drama for a fourth season. The move continues the recent trend of revivals, proving that in the 2018 television landscape, th…
    • Freeform announced this evening that Shadowhunters will conclude after its current third season. The sad news comes midway through Season 3, which is slated to return with its remaining episodes ne…
    • TV Land announced today that Younger has been renewed for a sixth season. The good news comes on the eve of the Season 5 premiere, ensuring at least one more year on the air for the veteran dramedy…
    • FX announced today that Legion has been picked up for a third season. The good news comes with two episodes remaining in the superhero drama's sophomore run, which comes to a close on June 12. …
    • Just two months after picking up Roseanne for an 11th season, ABC has reversed the move. The cancellation comes after show star Roseanne Barr took to Twitter with a series of racist and anti-semiti…
    • Fans of The Expanse can breathe a sigh of relief tonight, as Amazon has saved the critically-acclaimed space opera from cancellation. While rumored for a few days now, the official announcement cam…
    • Syfy announced today that freshman drama Krypton has been picked up for a second season. The good news comes ahead of tomorrow's season finale. The Superman prequel premiered in March with a 10…
    • It is being reported that The Last Ship will conclude after its upcoming fifth season. The news, while surely disappointing to fans, at least gives those awaiting the show's fate an update on its s…
    • Freeform announced today that Siren has been renewed for a second season. The freshman series is off to a solid start, with its March premiere ranking it as the #1 new cable drama among young women…
    • ABC announced today that Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been picked up for a sixth season. The good news comes as the network is making last-minute decisions on its lineup for the 2018-2019 te…
    • Netflix announced today that Lost in Space has been renewed for a second season. The pickup comes a month following the release of the drama's freshman run, which has so-far been receiving mixed re…
    • Fox announced today that Batman prequel Gotham has been renewed for a fifth and final season. The DC Comics-based drama, which follows the beginnings of the infamous city and all of its villains, h…
    • Fox announced today that Lethal Weapon will be coming back for a third season. While the action drama remains a solid ratings draw, its future had been in doubt in recent weeks after star Clayne Cr…
    • NBC announced today that The Blacklist has been renewed for a sixth season. The good news comes days ahead of the crime drama's Season 6 finale, which is promising fans answers to its season-long m…
    • CBS announced today that Elementary has been renewed for a seventh season. The good news comes just two episodes into the crime drama's current season, which this year was moved to the network's mi…
    • CBS gave out some good news to Man With A Plan today, renewing the comedy for a third season. The pickup comes with two episodes remaining in the show's sophomore run, which has continued to garner…
    • Word is out that CBS has cancelled Scorpion after four seasons on the air. Star Katharine McPhee confirmed the news on her Twitter account this morning, thanking her cast mates and crew for her tim…
    • Nine nine! In what may be a new record for the quickest revival of a TV show, NBC has reportedly saved Brooklyn Nine-Ninefrom cancellation one day after being axed by Fox. The network is said to ha…
    • It is being reported that ABC has cancelled The Crossing after just one season. The mid-season entry premiered early last month, drawing decent ratings for the network in its Monday night time slot…
    • It won't be a surprise to many that ABC has officially cancelled Marvel's Inhumans after one season. The news comes half-a-year after the action drama aired its last episode. Set in the Marvel …
    • It is being reported that ABC has cancelled Kevin (Probably) Saves the World after just one season. The news is not a complete surprise after the network previously declined to give the new drama a…
    • It is being reported that ABC has cancelled Deception after its first season. The mid-season drama got off to a decent start when it premiered in March, but its ratings quickly dwindled over the co…

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