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    Tanked 14x10 - Kurt Busch's Tank-a-dega 500
  3. Midnight

    The Tesla Files 1x5 - Fowl Play

    Marc, Jason and Travis pursue the trail all the way back toNew York, where they happen to stumble upon traces of apossible hidden government, which was determined to keep anyand all of Nikola Tesla's files a secret from prying eyes.
  4. Midnight

    Casualty 32x37 - Episode 37

    Alicia tries to process the events of her night with Eddie.
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    The Graham Norton Show 23x10 - Usain Bolt, Channing Tatum,Jennifer Saunders, Beattie Edmondson, Rob Brydon
  6. Midnight

    BattleBots 3x5 - Just Keep Spinning

    Reigning champion Tombstone takes on the legendary Gigabyte asthe battles heat up to take home the renowned BattleBotstrophy.
  7. Midnight

    Tanked 14x11 - The Dunk Tanks

    Tanked 14x11 - The Dunk Tanks
  8. Midnight

    Ransom 2x9 - Hardline

    Eric is given the impossible task of negotiating the release ofthe daughter of the prime minister of the Netherlands – awoman who takes a public hardline on never paying kidnappers'ransoms.
  9. until
    Jude and Nestor form a plan to break the refugees out of thecamp, but it's complicated when Sophie arrives withinformation on Reece's whereabouts. Not content to wait,Marshall takes matters into his own hands.
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    The lives of the refugees hang in the balance as Jude andNestor team up with an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Eve andLindauer move forward with their ruthless effort to tie uploose ends.
  11. Midnight

    Patrick Melrose 1x5 - At Last

    Patrick Melrose 1x5 - At Last
  12. Midnight

    Patrick Melrose 1x5 - At Last

    As friends, relatives and foes trickle in to pay their finalrespects to his mother Eleanor, Patrick Melrose finds himselfquestioning whether a life without parents will be theliberation he has so long imagined. Yet as the memorial serviceends and the family gathers one last time, amidst the socialniceties and the social horrors, the calms and the rapids,Patrick begins to sense a new current: the chance of some formof safety - at last.
  13. Midnight

    Ransom 2x9 - Hardline

    Eric is given the impossible task of negotiating the release ofthe daughter of the prime minister of the Netherlands - a womanwho takes a public hardline on never paying kidnappers' ransoms
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    Coming Soon...
  15. Midnight

    Sweetbitter 1x6 - It's Mine

    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
  18. Yesterday
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    Winter winds force the captains to reevaluate risk and reward:Shawn's mega-barge extraction takes a turn for the worse; Kenpushes the Myrtle to the limit on a five-day run; Emily sendsher divers deeper; Kris invents a new form of prospecting.
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    Following an evening of high drama and entertainment, DeclanDonnelly reveals which two acts have made the final and earnedthe chance to win a coveted slot at the Royal VarietyPerformance in November.
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    Declan Donnelly hosts the first live semi-final of this year'scontest, with the audition process having left judges AmandaHolden, David Walliams, Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon with 40acts to pick from. Tonight, eight of them will be performinglive in the hope of impressing both the panel and the TVaudience to win one of the two spots in the live grand final,where the winning act will receive a life-changing £250,000prize and a spot at this year's Royal Variety Performance inNovember.
  22. Midnight

    Lucifer 3x25 - Boo Normal

    As Lucifer and the team investigate the murder of a childpsychiatrist, Ella thinks about a big childhood secret thatshe's been hiding.
  23. Midnight

    Lucifer 3x26 - Once Upon a Time

    An alternate dimension is visited where Lucifer not only hasnever met Chloe, but is granted the freedom of choice.
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    Dec hosts the latest of the live semi-finals, with actscompeting for the chance to win a cash prize and a slot at theRoyal Variety Performance. Judges Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon,David Walliams and Amanda Holden give their verdict on theevening's performances.
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    As the votes are counted, Dec reveals who will take theirplace in the final as the winners of tonight's show take a stepcloser to that slot at the Royal Variety Performance.
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
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    • ABC has reportedly cancelled Designated Survivor after two seasons. The sad news comes with only one episode remaining in the political drama's sophomore run, which will now act as its series ender…
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    • Word is out this afternoon that Fox has cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine after five seasons. The sad news comes with two episodes remaining until the comedy's now-series finale, which is scheduled to a…

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