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    The winner of each Cross Battle is revealed, with 8 artistsadvancing to the Top 24 via America's vote. Each coach then has10 seconds to decide live if they want to push their button tosave or steal an artist. Each coach has only 1 save and 1 stealto use in both Cross-Battle result shows.
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    Jim explains why the funeral industry is exploitative andwasteful, seeks happiness by attending his own mock funeral inSouth Korea, and devises a new model of retirement.
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    Savannah tries to start a beauty brand through social media:Chase has an acting assignment.
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    Authors-writers Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman.
  6. Midnight

    Conan 9x42 - Vir Das

    Actor Vir Das.
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    Dr. Phil McGraw: actress Sophia Bush: internet personalityTyler "Ninja" Blevins; Maggie Rogers performs.
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    A social worker comes to the house to help Nick open up, andit works - until Molly and Jeremy find Nick's secret cellphone.
  9. Midnight

    Conan 9x43 - Howie Mandel

    Actor Howie Mandel.
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    Philanthropist Melinda Gates.
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    Actress Brie Larson: comic Wyatt Cenac: Wu-Tang Clanperforms.
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    Nick makes plans to hold an estate sale while the Thompsons areaway seeing "Hamilton". Little does she know,they've planned a surprise of their own.
  13. Midnight

    Bonding 1x2 - Pete Shy

    Pete gets stage fright, a customer's phone number and a lessonin tying knots. Tiff consults with Daphne, a prospectiveclient.
  14. Midnight

    Conan 9x44 - Jon Rudnitsky

    Actor Jon Rudnitsky.
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    Actor-writer Ryan O'Connell.
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    Actor Paul Rudd: actress Diane Guerrero: actor Leonard Ouzts.
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    Pete's roommate makes him an offer that's hard to refuse. Tiffand Pete run into an old - and very drunk - acquaintance.
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    Actor K.J. Apa: Sting talks and performs.
  19. Midnight

    Bonding 1x4 - Let's Get Physical

    Tiff and Pete visit Daphne's immaculate home. Pete gears up fora coffee date with Josh, and Tiff interrupts a troublingencounter.
  20. Midnight

    Bonding 1x5 - Double Date

    Pete and Tiff argue as they get ready for their dates. WhileJosh and Pete flirt at a burlesque show, Doug tries to winover Tiff.
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    Coming Soon...
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    Coming Soon...
  23. Midnight

    Only Connect 14x28 - The Final

    It is the series finale as two teams battle it out to be namedOnly Connect Champions. They compete to draw together theconnections between things which, at first glance, seemutterly random. So join Victoria Coren Mitchell if you want toknow completes this sequence - United Arab Emirates, Nigeria,Ghana, ?
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    When the pharmacist at Charlie's aunt's retirement home isfound dead, she alerts him to a mysterious string of recentfatalities among the home's residents.
  25. Midnight

    Bonding 1x6 - Penguins

    When Tiff doesn't show up for work, Pete takes charge. Tiffreveals to Doug that she's a dominatrix, and Pete givesstand-up another shot.
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    The Top 24 artists perform in front of the coaches for theirchance at a spot in the Top 13.
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    • It is being reported that CBS All Access will not be ordering a second season of One Dollar. The news does not come as much of a surprise, as the mystery thriller never really generated any substan…
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    • It is being reported that NBC has cancelled Reverie after one season. The drama premiered in May with a 10-episode summer run that drew generally-positive reviews, though it ultimately failed to ma…
    • ABC has topped up the first season of The Rookie, adding an additional seven episodes to its original order of 13. That gives the cop drama a total of 20 episodes, which is enough to be considered …
    • Showtime announced today that Penny Dreadful is heading back to TV in the form of a follow-up series called Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. The new installment will be set in 1938 and will usher in…
    • CBS All Access announced today that Strange Angel has been picked up for a second season. The good news comes six weeks after the conclusion of the historical period drama's 10-episode summer run, …
    • Another hero has fallen at Netflix. The streaming service confirmed this evening that Luke Cage has been cancelled after two seasons. The news comes just one week after fellow superhero drama Iron …
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    • It is being reported that Netflix has cancelled Marvel's Iron Fist after two seasons. The sad news comes a month following the release of the drama's sophomore run. The show aired a total of 23 epi…
    • Fox today topped up the sophomore season of The Resident, ordering an additional nine episodes to bring its total to 22 - a full season's worth. The good news comes three episodes into the current …
    • One week after its freshman finale, The Outpost has been renewed for Season 2. The fantasy adventure drama debuted this summer with little buzz, airing 10 episodes that garnered mixed reviews. …
    • It's official: Veronica Mars is returning to television. Hulu has ordered eight new episodes of the detective series with star Kristen Bell on-board to reprise her role as the titular character. A …
    • NBC announced today that it is increasing its order for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, adding five episodes to the comedy's debut outing on the network. Slated for a mid-season run in 2018-2019, the half-hour…
    • It's official: Designated Survivor will be returning for a third season. The cancelled political drama has been revived by Netflix with a 10-episode order for next year. The surprise announcement c…
    • It is being reported that Mr. Robot will be coming to an end after its already-announced fourth season. The news comes more than eight months since the drama was picked up for Season 4, along with …
    • CBS announced today that The Big Bang Theory will come to an end after its upcoming 12th season. The news will see the veteran series sign off next May as one of the most-successful prime time come…
    • Five months after limited series The Alienist concluded its run, TNT has ordered another chapter to continue the story. Titled The Angel of Darkness, the sequel will be based on the follow-up novel…
    • History announced this week that Knightfall has been renewed for a second season. The freshman series, which premiered last December, is one of two original dramas currently in the cable network's …

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