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    The Hunt for a dragon is underway.
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    Scarlett Johansson hosts with musical guest Niall Horan.
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    It's the most wonderful time of year in the Forge! Four Merrybladesmiths gather around the fire to spread holiday cheer.Using gifts of high carbon steel along with some mild steel,the smiths must use the San Mai technique to forge their wayonto the judges' nice list. Will our wise men be impressed bythe gifts they are given, or will they turn into Scrooges?After a round of Yuletide testing, two smiths get to spend aWhite Christmas at their home forges where they must recreatethe Nutcracking English blade; the 1796 Light Cavalry Sword.Which smith will return with a blade that brings the judges somuch Christmas joy that they'll earn the title of Forged inFire Champion, and a check for ,000?
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