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    Big Brother (US) 21x24 - Head of Household (8)
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    Upon returning from a baptism marathon in China with his fatherEli and brother Kelvin, Jesse Gemstone receives a video fromblackmailers seeking to sully his reputation. Eli moves forwardwith plans to expand the Gemstone empire as he continues tomourn his late wife Aimee-Leigh .
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    It's Titans West vs Titans East as the two teams compete forwho gets Bumblebee.
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    The Little Couple 12x4 - Surprise!
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    Big Brother (US) 21x25 - Power of Veto (8)
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    Big Brother (US) 21x26 - Live Eviction (8)
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    Sean Lock and Sara Pascoe take on special guest team captainAlan Carr and Tom Allen in the classic words-and-numbers quiz,while Rosie Jones joins Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner. Hostedby Jimmy Carr, with regular Countdown mathematician RachelRiley looking after the numbers and letters.
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    After discovering Amber, Pontius and Abraham reminiscing aboutan estranged family member, Jesse tasks his friends withacquiring surveillance footage that could explain the strangeevents of the night before.
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    Krystal Stubbs doubles down on her husband's dreams while hewrestles with leaving his J-O-B. Cody loses a friend, butmeets his hero.
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