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Our latest news on celebrities, sports, television, and other various sources.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn"director Bill Condon served Twihards a feathered Thanksgiving treat, but we're not talking turkey.
The filmmaker posted a first-look photo to the official "Twilight Saga" Facebook fan page Thursday (Nov. 25) with the following message:
"Happy Thanksgiving and a crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours."
Spoilers! If you haven't read the books and don't know what's in store for Bella, it's best to stop reading now.
As you can see, the pic is of an arm amongst some scattered feathers, but it's much more than that, right? As we know from the books, Bella (Kristen Stewart)  and Edward (Rob Pattinson) are officially married and go on their honeymoon at the beginning of "Breaking Dawn."
What we see is the aftermath of that honeymoon night because Bella, being human and all, is quite fragile when it comes to Edward's vampire strength and stony flesh. There's some pain involved, and well ... feather pillows are destroyed.
We actually have to commend Condon on this pic because even though it's a big fat tease -- would it hurt to see some R-Patz nudity? -- it tells us so much. Well played, Bill.
If you can't wait to have more Robsten magic, MTV offers this sneak peek of a clip from the Eclipse DVD, which is on sale on Dec. 4. The awesome thing about this is you can here Stewart and Pattinson's fun audio commentary/banter over the images of a shirtless Jacob (Taylor Lautner) keeping Bella warm. Enjoy!
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Photo/Video credit: Summit Entertainment
Source : http://blog.zap2it.com/pop2it/2010/11/twilight-breaking-dawn-teaser-pic-bellas-honeymoon-aftermath.html

Given the way Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence likes to use actors he's worked with before, it was probably inevitable that Zach Braff would show up on the show at some point.
We just didn't figure it would be this way. Braff kinda-sorta makes an appearance in Wednesday's (Nov. 24) episode, and you can see it (along with the return of the cul-de-sac crew's pantomime murder-suicide) in the first clip below.
The primary focus of the episode (called "When the Time Comes") is Thanksgiving -- and specifically Jules' (Courteney Cox) attempts to make the holiday romantic when she says "I love you" and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) doesn't reciprocate. The rest of the gang doesn't really think Thanksgiving can be made sexy, which is the subject of the second clip.
Also, Travis (Dan Byrd) brings his roommate Kevin (LaMarcus Tinker) home for the holiday, giving him his first prolonged exposure to the crew -- and, we're hoping, a better understanding of why Trav is the way he is.
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Photo credit: ABC

There aren't many villains who have lasted longer than one episode of Supernatural, but Meg has been showing up every now and then for five seasons to cause trouble and then split before the Winchesters can figure out how to properly kill her.
In the upcoming episode "Caged Heat," Meg is back to her old tricks. She's still being portrayed by returning guest star Rachel Miner - though in the past she's appeared as Nicki Aycox and even Jared Padalecki when she possessed Sam in Season 2.
For once, Sam's lack of a soul is coming in handy. Meg kidnaps the Winchesters, but while Dean (Jensen Ackles) panics, Sam remains calm enough to see through Meg's act. He even finds the whole thing funny. "She can't do jack squat. She's totally screwed. Look at her, Dean. She's furious. If she could kill you, she'd have done it by now. She's running."
Sam deduces that Meg is on the run from the newest King of Hell, their good friend Crowley. Now that he's in charge, Crowley isn't too fond of the demons who think Lucifer should be in the position of power.
While we're psyched to see Meg again - we always love a returning character - it's starting to bug us that she always gets the jump on our boys so easily. Isn't it about time they finish her off?
Well... after she makes out with Castiel (Misha Collins) of course. We wouldn't want to miss that show.
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Photo: CW

Is Deb becoming more sympathetic to certain kinds of killers? 
Dexter is closing in on everybody.
In Sunday's (Nov. 28) episode "In the Beginning," everyone is getting closer to either the truth, capturing their prey or showing their hand.
Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) confront Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller) about his missing head of security and his apparent lack of concern.
It's fun to watch Deb because she's not one to hide her feelings, and Jordan definitely is feeling defensive. Don't poke the bear, Deb! Who knows who he'll take his anger out on next. At least she's not his "type."
Speaking of "type," Lumen (Julia Stiles) has noticed that Emily Birch -- she of the blood necklace -- looks similar to her and the other victims.
Is Dexter (Michael C. Hall) right? Despite surviving, could Birch be the first victim? "In the Beginning" makes sense now in a twisted way.
"How is she still alive?" Yeah, we really can't wait to learn this full backstory.
Meanwhile, Deb has come across videos of the victims. We don't know how she even gets through one of them.
We love her take on things "They f***ing poke each other on Facebook," and the conclusion she draws about what's been happening to the missing men. Deb really is one of the most resilient characters.


'The Walking Dead': Andrea in mourning

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Spoilers! Watch Episode 104 "Vatos" before reading further.
Let's give thanks this holiday season that The Walking Dead will air its penultimate episode of the season on Sunday, Nov. 28 at 10 p.m. ET.
Sadly, Andrea (Laurie Holden) is not celebrating after the loss of her sister Amy (Emma Bell) in that incredibly horrific zombie attack (we're still jumping at shadows).
We really can't blame her, but the sad reality is that she needs to move on and "deal with" her sister's body. We don't think that there's necessarily a risk of Amy becoming a walker -- she just died from her wounds, and didn't come down with a fever -- but we could be wrong about how the zombie mythology works in this series.
But it would be difficult to see Amy added to the zombie attack barbecue that's going on. Let's hope no one else in the group loses anyone we've come to know. Somehow we don't think anyone's safe.
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Photo credit: AMC

Have a Thanksgiving or turkey-related question? Don't worry, the best of us do, even the president.
We're talking about President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) of"The West Wing" of course, although we're sure Obama isn't above seeking help during the holidays either.
On a special Thanksgiving-themed episode of "The West Wing," Bartlet discovers the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line (1-800-BUTTERBALL), which Charlie (Dule Hill) calls the "Butterball hotline."
"God, I love my country," says Bartlet. We agree.
The president then proceeds to call and stay on hold until he reaches a helpful poultry expert and then asks some tricky questions about stuffing. Our favorite line about whether or not cooking stuffing inside a turkey could kill his guests: "I'm not saying that's necessarily a deal-breaker."
We also dug up a couple other clips from the episode. Here CJ (Allison Janney) annoys the boys. Oh, and Toby (Richard Schiff) is wrong. Jamestown was settled in 1607, which also makes it the 17th century. Enjoy:
Finally, Bartlet pardons a turkey, sort of:
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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Photo credit: NBC


Chuck made its title character secondary to the story this week -- but the result was a great episode. Intense, funny and ultimately touching, "Chuck vs. Phase Three" was one of the best episodes of the season.

It seems like I'm saying that just about every week, but "Chuck" is on a huge roll of late. Last week's minor letdown aside, the show has been piling excellent on top of excellent for at least a month.
We have to start with the giant blonde she-male -- er, Sarah (actually, the overplaying of that joke was one of the few bum notes in this episode) and her "Kickboxer"/"Ong Bak"/"Bloodsport"/pick your favorite martial-arts movie fight in Thailand. We haven't seen this much Sarah Walker awesomeness in one episode in a long time, and watching her pretty much obliterate any and all in her path gave a huge jolt of adrenaline to the episode -- and the fight choreography in the "Kickboxer" sequence was expert.
The awesomeness also came from the non-butt-kicking aspects of Yvonne Strahovski's performance. She got to play Sarah going through a full range of emotions: ruthless and slightly scary (Casey even invokes the name of her former boss, Langston Graham, in commenting on her hell-bent attitude) when dealing with the unfortunate Thai functionary, scared and forlorn after finding out about Chuck's proposal plan and finally, gut-wrenchingly committed to saving the man she loves, Intersect or no Intersect. Really great stuff from her this week.
That climactic scene with Sarah rescuing Chuck from the perils of Phase Three -- having his mind wiped to get to the Intersect, essentially -- was tear-inducing. Sarah's opened up a ton since she and Chuck formally became a couple, but to see her so nakedly reveal her emotions was a shade we hadn't really seen from Sarah before, and it played beautifully.
The way the show portrayed Chuck's mind being wiped away also worked well -- the dream images while the Belgian and his doctor tried to locate the Intersect were just real enough to give them a real impact. We kind of wonder why Chuck didn't have any side effects from the mind-wipe, but that may just be one of those "Chuck" things we have to let go.
While Sarah was beating up half of Thailand searching for Chuck (with Casey and Morgan not far behind), the B-story held up its end both comedically and otherwise. Ellie finds the computer in her dad's Mustang, but she and Awesome are unable to get it working -- and she's about to start a 36-hour shift at the hospital. Awesome professes himself to be not very good with the tech stuff -- wait, there's something Awesome isn't awesome at? -- so enter Jeff and Lester.
Actually, enter the whole Buy More crew, who use Awesome's devotion to Ellie (and to completing a task on time) as a way to extract free medical care for all manner of gnarly conditions. Lester does at least get the machine (a Roark 7, if you're keeping score) to start up, but it's password-protected with the prompt "Knock, knock." The password isn't "Who's there" but "I'm here," which is the way Ellie used to mess up the knock-knock joke. She enters the password, says "Oh my god," and ...
We'll see next week. Curse you, "Chuck" writers! One thing, though: I (and many others) assumed the computer was a new Intersect, but based on Ellie's reaction it doesn't look that way. Chris Fedak told us that big things are in store for Chuck's big sister, but that might be a little bit too big a way to draw her into Chuck-world.
The answer to that question will (presumably) come next week. This week, though, was one big bucket of excellent.
Right? Tell us what you thought in the comments.
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Photo credit: NBC


On last week's episode of "Supernatural", a leprechaun offered to get Sam (Jared Padalecki) his soul back -- for a price -- and Sam refused, prompting Dean (Jensen Ackles) to wonder if Sam wants his soul back at all. In the next new episode, airing Dec. 3, the question bears repeating.


"I'm working for Crowley, aren't I?" Sam argues. But we can't blame Dean for being skeptical. Maybe it's just Sam's cold expression, but it's hard for us to believe him. After all he's been through in his life -- a rough childhood, a dead girlfriend, and the whole Lucifer's vessel thing -- maybe having no feelings at all is a bit of a relief. He's felt plenty already.
The standard Winchester whiskey heart-to-heart (or, in this case heart-to-cold-shell-of-a-heart) is interrupted when Sam suddenly vanishes into thin air. You'd think Dean would be used to this with Castiel, but he draws his gun anyway, and finds Sam passed out on the floor in another room.
What are your thoughts, "Supernatural" fans? Watch the preview clip below and let us know if you believe Sam or not.

It's finally happening, Vampire Diaries fans: the moment the show has been building toward since the first season, when we first saw Tyler (Michael Trevino) lit by a full moon. He's triggered the Lockwood curse and now he must accept his inevitable fate -- this time, the full moon won't just give him rage issues, it'll turn him into a full-fledged werewolf.
Luckily, he won't have to go it alone -- he's found an unexpected ally in Caroline (Candice Accola). Accola and Trevino stopped by the Zap2it offices today for a little visit, and I had to get all the scoop on their characters' unlikely bond.
We've all been speculating as to whether Caroline and Tyler will ever hook up - Twitter fans even refer to them as "Forwood." (Get it? Caroline Forbes, Tyler Lockwood... yeah.) I'm not a fan of those smushed-together names, though, so from here on out the potential vampire-werewolf romance will be henceforth be known as The Monster Mash on Zap2it. I do what I want.
When I asked that inevitable love connection question, they played coy for a moment before Accola gave me a little hint of what's to come.
"What I think is so wonderful about any romantic relationship, in my opinion, there's usually some sort of friendship that starts that off," she says. "Who knows what'll happen throughout the rest of the season, but as of right now, I think it's a beautiful parallel for both of these characters that are kind of embarking on this new part of their lives in such an extreme supernatural way."
"He gets to know Caroline a little better and has somebody there," Trevino tells me.
Caroline's concern for Tyler takes him by surprise, and he's a little skeptical of it at first. He's struggling with the death of his father and he still thinks that his Uncle Mason (moment of silence for those Lockwood shoulders please) abandoned him to go surfing in Florida. "Maybe she sticks around. Why does she stick around? Why is she caring for Tyler, this douchebag jock?"
There's that adorably clueless elephant in the room, though -- what about Matt (Zach Roerig)? He's Caroline's ex -- and he's still hung up on her -- and he's supposed to be Tyler's best friend. Will Tyler and Caroline's new relationship ruin the bromance for good?
"Now we have this triangle," Trevino explains. "Tyler and what he's going through, and what he's going to go through, and Caroline and Matt. So for a few episodes I think there's going to be this trio, this dynamic of questioning and wondering."
Matt remains clueless about the vampires and the werewolves, but he's starting to be aware that his friends are leaving him out of the loop. "You're going to see Matt investigate some things," Trevino says.
Still, no matter how much Matt learns, it's not likely he'll never be able to relate to the supernatural experience that Tyler and Caroline now share.
"There are certain experiences that happen in someone's life that bring people together that wouldn't normally really have anything in common," Accola says. "And as much as you can try to relate, and try to relate, sometimes you just can't. I think that's going to be a big obstacle in the Caroline/Matt relationship."
I had to ask Accola whether she thinks Caroline is better off with Tyler or Matt, and her answer was the best thing I've ever heard in my entire life. "I think Joshua Jacksonshould come to Mystic Falls and Caroline should be with Pacey," she teased.
I concur. So, so much. Don't miss the video of Part 1 of the interview below. Plenty more is coming -- including juicy details on Trevino's big transformation scene, so keep checking on Zap2it.
Let me know in the comments what you think of the Monster Mash potential. As much as I love Matt, I've got my fingers crossed for some great new twists in the relationship between Tyler and Caroline.

You've seen how Kyle Massey and Jennifer Grey did on Monday's Dancing With the Stars -- and, oh yeah, you may have heard that Bristol Palin's in the finals too.
America's most famous teen mom (sorry, Amber Portwood) got some of her best scores of the competition on Monday's (Nov. 22) final performance show, but she still ended up at the bottom of the judges' leaderboard. Her first dance, a jive, earned 9s across the board, but she fell a little short of her fellow competitors with her freestyle number, ending up with a combined score of 52.
Maybe it was the lack of lifts -- she and partner Mark Ballas stayed on the floor for their routine, and it ended up looking like a relatively low-risk choice compared to Massey and Lacey Schwimmer's boogaloo and the flying around Derek Hough and Grey did in their freestyle.
Video of the performance is below. What do you think? Is it enough to carry Bristol to the top?

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